Ard Na Gréine Residents’ Association



We hope residents are well in these difficult times. Unfortunately, the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions meant we have been unable to hold our Annual General Meeting or to collect subscriptions for a second year. This has meant we have had to put on hold our annual Santa visit and regeneration of the estate, such as replacing barrels and flowers.  Hopefully things will improve in 2022.


The following committee was elected at our last AGM in 2019: -

Chairman:  John Fitzgerald

Treasurer: Judith Craven

Secretary: Tom Grehan

Committee: Jan Banks, Philip Briggs, Seanie Byrne, Paul Geoghegan, Annette Grehan, Terry Hampson, Gloria Holbrook, Maura Kenworthy, Freda Madden, Seamus Madden, John McNaboe, Colette O’Neill.


Where appropriate and safe, we have continued to liaise with Dublin City Council regarding ongoing matters, the most relevant of which was the proposed development on Slademore Avenue/Ayrfield (a large development of 36 senior citizen units incorporating the existing maisonettes, which would fill almost all the existing green area). The Council would not need planning permission in the normal way but would use a Part 8 procedure which would have to be passed by the Councillors.


In our April update we asked individual householders to make their views known to the Councillors, who will have the final vote on the matter, and there was a great response. It was decided to set up a committee, including representatives from surrounding estates who would also be affected, to lobby Councillors and TD’s as to the unsuitability of such a development. A petition was organized which resulted in over 2,000 signatures and was forwarded to Dublin City Council.


However, these were dismissed by DCC, who seemed determined to press ahead regardless, and In November DCC tried to change the zoning from Z15 to Z1 on the draft Dublin City Development Plan, which would mean the Council could build whatever they like on the site, and residents would not be able to respond.


Luckily Councillors Daryl Barron and Tom Brabazon were aware of DCC’s intention, and put forward a counter proposal that the site be rezoned as Z9 (recreational space), and it was passed by a meeting of all 63 Dublin City Councillor’s. The change has been included in the Draft Development Plan for 2022-2028, which has now gone for public consultation. The effect of this rezoning should be that residential development is not now open for consideration on this site.


However, there is still the chance that DCC housing department may try to resurrect it, and consequently we would ask all residents to register online at and submit their views if they feel the greenspace in Slademore should be utilised as recreational amenity, or open space only, and that the amended Z9 is the correct zoning. .


See links to, Site For Proposed New Development in Ayrfield, which has letters from Councillors Daryl Barron and Tom Brabazon.


There is also a Facebook page Ard Na Greine/Ayrfield DCC proposed development. 

Many thanks to residents who have helped to keep the estate looking so well and we wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.