Easter Message from Fr. Gerard Deegan

Easter Sunday falls on the 17th April this year. It can be as late as 25th April which is rare, for it last occurred in 1943 and the next time will be 2038. But many will remember more recently the year 2011 when Easter Sunday was 24th April, but that will not happen again until 2095. In this decade of remembering, we might note that Easter Sunday in 1916 was 23rd April. The earliest date for Easter was 22nd March, which occurred in 1818, and will not appear again until 2285. However, many will remember Easter on 23rd March in 2008, but this will not occur again until 2160.

As we prepare for this moveable feast, the great week, Holy Week is nearly upon us, when we commemorate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians from the 4th century onwards, came to Jerusalem in great numbers to celebrate the events of the week. They carried home memories of liturgies, such as the veneration of the cross and celebrated them in their local church and over the centuries the celebration of the Easter triduum i.e. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter vigil, became the standard universal format for end of Lent and Holy Week.

For the first time in three years, we can come together for this celebration. My prayer is that it will be a time for us all to deepen our faith as a community, and as individuals. In this time of horrible suffering for so many millions in the Ukraine and beyond, and for all who experience suffering in so many parts of the world, may the Easter message offer hope for the future. A hope made real through the selfless dedication of so many people in the vital humanitarian work in saving lives.

 I extend Easter blessings and greetings to all our parishioners and to all the Ayrwaves readers.



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