Ayrfield Men’s Shed July 2020

Yes we’re back in business again.  Our group resumed recently and met at Ayrfield Community Centre in June. Each member was wearing a facemask and keeping the correct distance as we chatted about the big lockdown.


Personally like many others, I don’t like the expression ‘cocooning.’ Temporary isolation might have been a better choice.

At our gathering, a billiard table was open with correct spacing and lads got on again with pool games like before. Our three-man guitar-playing ballad group consisting of Bernard Fallon, Don McGrath and Patrick Kavanagh serenaded us with various songs including country and western numbers.

We missed the presence of Jimmy Kelly, who passed away recently. Jimmy was one of our esteemed Shed members. As is customary, we formed a guard of honour as the hearse was leaving St Paul’s church a few weeks ago. Jimmy was a quiet man but always jolly and good humoured. Our sympathy goes to his wife Bridie, family members, grandchildren, relatives and friends. A native of County Fermanagh, Jimmy told us many stories about his life there, as well as writing numerous articles for Ayrwaves. We look forward to reading these again, this time online.

Many thanks to John Lambkin and Hubert Kilgunn for looking after the teabreaks at the club for the past few years. They deserve a well-earned changeover and replacements will be operating again soon to take up the ‘mantle.’

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