New Year message from Fr. Gerard


What a start to the New Year, back in level 5 with so many people getting the virus and ending up in hospital. It is obviously so important that we keep practicing all the measures, in keeping each other safe. With the roll out of the vaccine, there is every reason for hope as we journey through 2O2I.


Since the pandemic began last March, so much of parish life has been suspended. This is specially so for the celebration of the Eucharist. More often than not the Mass is on line only. Over the last few weeks the quality of the web cam in St. Pauls is very poor. I apologise for this, but I am told it is due to over capacity on the service. However, work was carried out on the system the other day and while it is not perfect it has greatly improved. If we have lost you in recent times, please log or tune back into us. It was decided some time ago to upgrade the broad band line and we hope that this will be installed over the coming days.


Archbishop Dermot Martin will retire on the 2nd of February after I6 years in charge of the diocese. We wish him well in his retirement. He took on the role in 2OO4 at a very difficult time and was very competent in his leadership of the diocese. His successor Bishop Dermot Farrell is also taking on the ministry at a difficult time. But he is coming among us with an open mind and heart as he gets to know the vast diocese. He said on the day of his appointment "that there are many neglected voices we need to hear particularly the voices of women, the voices of those on the margins and of those invisible in the busyness of day to day life".


He is a man with a lot of pastoral experience, a curate in Tullamore, Mullingar, and Parish Priest in Dunboyne for II years until his appointment as Bishop of Ossory in 2OI8. We welcome him to Dublin and wish him well and every blessing as he ministers among us.


Wishing all the readers of Ayrwaves every good wish, blessing and safety.


Fr. Gerard



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