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Pandemic Poetry


There were two gents of Verona

Who decided to ski in Carezza

Because they were dry

Some drink they did buy

And came home with a case of Corona


K. Coyle



A student of Latin named David

Was learning some poetry by Ovid

He got a fever or ague

It wasn't the plague

But a new type of illness called Covid





An intrepid young tourist named Dan

Travelled the world in a van

He got a memento

In each place he went to

Guess what he brought home from Wuhan?


K. Coyle

Wash Hands

A virus is stalking the lands

That attacks people’s lungs and their glands

No tablets can kill it

But you still can prevent it

If you follow the rule to "wash hands."

K. Coyle



A fertile young pair from Skibbereen

Isolating from the virus have been

In each other's arms.

They're avoiding all harms

But their offspring now number 19


K. Coyle




There was a young fella called Pat,

In a restaurant was offered roast rat,

He didn't fancy that,

Or even grilled cat,

But opted instead for baked bat.

K. Coyle



Covid19 is a virus

That causes a terrible illness

So it won't desolate

We must isolate

I must say its a pain in the anus.

K. Coyle



Covid's a new type of virus

Whose illness is particularly vicious

We must stay at home

Not able to roam

It looks like we'll be indoors till Christmas

K. Coyle


Advice from the Top


A president far far away

Was heard on the TV to say,

Stay out in the sun,

Shine a light up your bum

Inject Dettol and you'll be okay


K. Coyle


Strange Times


I’m alright Jack, gave myself a clap on the back, Jack,

Cause this Covid19 lark, can’t stop me from a walk in the park.

You see, I’m not cocooned yet, I’ve still some time to go.

Bet you thought I was, or was it that you just didn’t know?

Age is just a number, even during this pandemic,

Notwithstanding that mask wearing has become an epidemic.

Yeah, sure we’re all living in strange times these days.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, maybe it’s just a phase.


However, the weather has been wonderful, for sure,

Blue skies, birds singing, and the air is pure.

My garden has become my second home, birds fed,

My kitchen is shining like a cat’s eye under a bed.

Alas, there is sadness all around, for families and friends

As the clutches of this vicious Covid, does not make amends.

So stay apart, keep safe, and abide by the rules.

It’s better to be six feet apart, than to act as human mules.


M. Maher

Fake News


Your respiratory etiquette,

You’d better not forget,

Next time you take the bus to town,

Or else they’ll hunt you down.


God forbid you ever sneeze

In a crowded place.

It’s hard to imagine,

Such a living disgrace.


Keep your distance,

At all times,

And always sanitise.

I know a man who touched his head.

In minutes he was dead.


G. Carter






I listen to the fridge.

I hope I’m not too late,

That the ham hasn’t passed

Its sell by date.


G. Carter


COVID afternoon


Each day I watch

The CNN News,

To gather together conflicting views;

The anchors so perfect,

Their teeth and their hair,

But you ask yourself,

If they really care.

They look in the mirror,

And love what they see.

It’s half past three,

And they’re back on at four,

I think I’ll sweep the kitchen floor.

Through the sitting room wall,

I hear a loud snore.


G. Carter



The TESCO van arrived today,

All clatter and bangs.

Now it’s gone away.

Just me in my garage,

My gloves and my spray.

All the tins of this,

And packets of that,

So strangely arrayed,

On a black plastic mat.

The car in the driveway,

The battery flat?


G. Carter




The raider was masked,

Like everyone else in the shop,

But his trainers were almost unique.

They caught him next day.

Now his prospects are bleak.

G. Carter

When Covid has Vanished


When Covid has vanished, and we all get together,

I'm planning a Party, in nice sunny weather.

The Bar B Q sizzling, with steaks by the score.

And those who'd like seconds, well then just ask for more.

Yes, we've all learned a lesson: our need of each other.

A son or a daughter, a sister or mother.

Sometimes when we get a warning like this.

Then families gather, turns tears into Bliss


Tommy O Brien



Oh Spring that glorious time of year,

When life bursts all around.

And trees with boughs awaiting there,

With buds just newly found.

And winter is behind us now,

Forgotten like a dream,

This weightless gift of season.

So peaceful so serene.


The daffodils and tulip all

Adorn their rightful place.

Magnolia and the primrose

Remind us of His grace.


The fields all lush and daisied too,

Young calves and lambs abound,

On hillside and in valleys green

They prance on fertile ground.


The blackbird and red robin

Join in the merry dance,

Their singing seems much sweeter,

And the cuckoo too perchance.


Oh season bright and cheerful,

Your richness, thrills, excites.

We welcome you with open arms.

Fulfils our heart’s delights.

Tommy O Brien

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