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Latest Update : 19th June 2020

Notice for the opening of St. Paul's Church Ayrfield on 29th June 2020

According to the plan to date, the church will reopen on Monday 29th for public mass at 10am.

There is specific seating allocated, allowing for social distancing.

Entry will be through the main doors at the Blunden Drive entrance and exit through the main doors at the parish office side. Please use the sanitisers provided on entry and exit.

Please note the obligation to attend mass on Sunday is suspended. Due to the limited number of seating for Sunday mass I would encourage people, if possible, to attend one of the 10am daily masses Monday - Friday instead.

People with any underlying condition are encouraged not to attend mass at the moment,and obviously any person who has a high temperature or an infection please do not attend.

I am looking forward to welcoming you all back and I know it is not going to be easy to get
used to the new norms but I am confident that everyone will co-operate with the new situation.     


Fr. Gerard Deegan
                                               Weekday Mass:        Monday – Friday    10 am

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