The Crown on - Netflix


Even if you have never felt any interest in the British Royal Family this series can get you hooked. Great script. Intelligent and witty.

Social Dilemma – Netflix


Gmail, Google, Twitter, YouTube Facebook. You may use them – but did you know how much they use you?

This documentary may set you thinking.


“Where is George Gibney?” BBC podcast


It was a scandal that rocked Ireland’s world of amateur swimming, and this documentary series provides compelling interviews and commentary that will make you reflect on ways needed to stop it ever happening again.


The German War – A Nation under arms, 1939 – 1945 by Nicholas Stargardt


From 1939 to 1945 an entire nation descended into madness under the sway of a charismatic and gifted orator. This book recounts the ways in which day to day life in wartime Germany and its battlefields accommodated a killing spree that had no precedent in history. It is a compelling read and leaves the reader in no doubt that the fault lies not in Germans but in all humans.


Becoming an expert on Bull Island.


It’s close by, has a fascinating network of paths through the dunes, is never the same, and makes you thank God that you are not a seagull!

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