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WIX Tutorials

All of these tutorials have a duration of 2 minutes or less.

They relate specifically to the website and its supporting WIX online software.

WIX Tutorial T001

How to update the website - a very simple example.

WIX Tutorial T002

Explains the layout of the homepage.

WIX Tutorial T003

How to locate a specific page on the website and make a small change to the text on that page.

WIX Tutorial T004

How to insert a new page.

WIX Tutorial T005

How to insert a link to a YouTube video.

WIX Tutorial T006

How to access WIX Tutorials on a laptop, desktop or mobile phone.

WIX Tutorial T007

How to upload a photograph to the website from your computer.

WIX Tutorial T008

How to replace the photograph on the homepage.

WIX Tutorial T009

How to open your Google Drive.

WIX Tutorial T010

How to create a link between a word on a WIX website page  an item on your Google Drive.

WIX Tutorial T011

How to insert a new section in a WIX website page.

WIX Tutorial T012

How to move a section on a WIX website page both upwards and downwards.

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