Ard na Gréine Residents’ Association

We hope residents are well in these difficult times. Ongoing Covid19 restrictions have meant that we are still unable to hold our Annual General Meeting or to collect subscriptions. This has meant we have had to put on hold our annual regeneration of the estate, such as replacing barrels and flowers, but we hope that with signs of some light at the end of the tunnel, we may be able to look at the situation in the coming months.

In the Christmas Ayrwaves edition, we mentioned that Dublin City Council had appointed a design team for a proposed development on Slademore Avenue/Ayrfield, and they recently presented preliminary drawings for 39 senior citizen units to the 17 North Central Area councilors, who have the final decision. We have written to Dublin city Council and North Central Area councillors insisting that the project should be put on hold until there is proper and appropriate consultation with residents of Ard Na Gréine.


We have distributed a flyer with the up-to-date position (click here to view same), and we would ask individual householders to make their views known to the councillors, who will have the final vote on the matter.


We would like to thank councillors Tom Brabazon and Daryl Barron for making the plans available to us. They have assured us that they will keep us informed of developments.


We would also like to thank residents for their ongoing work in keeping the estate ticking over, and hopefully things will improve for the summer.   

For link to the petition - please click here