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2023 proved to be yet another very busy year for the group, consisting of day trips, overnight trips, plenty of activities such as talks, keep fit, parties and charitable events.  
In November our Circle came together with Ayrfield Men’s Shed for our annual Remembrance Mass.  Father Aaron celebrated the Mass in St Paul’s Church.  Afterwards we had a cup of tea and some refreshments in the Community Centre. We were delighted to be able to distribute fire alarms to the members of the Circle and Shed. These were courtesy of the fire service. The following week we  had our annual collection for Alone, as usual our ladies were unbelievably generous.

Our 2023 year will draw to a close with two days of entertainment! Firstly, our Christmas afternoon in Athlone and then our Christmas Party in the Community Centre.
We would like to thank the committee and staff of Ayrfield Community Centre for their help and support throughout the year.  To all our members a peaceful and Happy Christmas and a great New Year . 


See photos at this link:

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