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St Paul’s Knitting Group

Our group meets every Tuesday in the Pastoral Centre from 9am until 12am and we would welcome new members. You don’t have to be an expert knitter and there is plenty of tea drinking and chat. We knit for the premature unit in Holles St., the oncology unit in Crumlin  Children’s Hospital and also for the Hospice.

Earthquake Victims Initiative

As a charity fundraiser for victims of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, St. Paul's knitting group has been busy at work knitting a collection of special Easter chicks.

You  can collect yours after making the appropriate donation at the knitting group's get-togethers in  St. Paul's Pastoral Centre on any Tuesday morning  between 9am and 12am.

For photos of the group and its  beautiful handiwork (including the Easter chicks!) click here


Thank you Folks:

On behalf of St. Paul's Knitting Group I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported us in our recent fundraising venture for the victims of the Turkish/Syrian Earthquake victims. The amount raised was €1855 which we gave to Fr. Tony O'Riordan a Jesuit priest working in Syria. He will buy what's needed for these unfortunate people. A big thank you goes to the ladies of Artane Resource Centre who gave us tremendous support selling our chicks and bunnies at their coffee mornings. Huge thanks to you all.
Kind Regards
Peggy Connolly

St. Paul’s Knitting Group


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