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St Paul’s Knitting Group

To view video message from Syria expressing thanks to St. Paul's Knitting Group for donation made to Jesuit Refugee Service click here


Hello Everybody,

On behalf of the knitting group, I would like to say a big thank you to all who supported us in our recent fundraiser for our local school. The amount raised was a fantastic €4,250. 


 We couldn't have done it without all of you.

Mr. Feargal Brougham, principal, St. Paul's Senior National School,  was delighted with the cheque and will put it to good use for children with special needs in St. Paul's school.


Peg Connolly

See photos in St. Paul's Knitting Group Photo Album at this link:

For photos of knitters at work on 2nd April 2024 click link below:

To see expressions of thanks for the group's charitable work click on link below:

expressions of thanks

St. Paul's Knitting Group get together on Tuesday mornings in the Pastoral Centre at St Paul's Church at 9am. We will be glad to welcome new members with a cup of tea!


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