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Parents Plus 6 Week Adolescent’s Parenting Programme

Parenting Adolescents can be a challenging time for many families. This programme can help parents develop warm relationships with their teenagers which can help reduce conflict and support teenagers to grow up as well-adjusted and happy adults.  
This programme is practical, solution-focused and draws on parents’ strengths.  The programme can be delivered between 6-12 weeks. 

The programme covers topics such as:
•    Negotiating rules and boundaries
•    Managing conflict and aggression
•    Reducing stress as parents
•    Communicating effectively and positively
•    Solving problems together
•    Creating warm connected relationships to name a few

The Parents Plus Adolescents Programme is an evidence-based parenting programme
that is flexible and can be delivered between 6-12 weeks for 2 and half hours each session.

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